Girls ‘n Guns

Learning is best done in comfort. This is especially true when the subject is foreign, or even frightening. That’s why I offer “Girls ‘n Guns” night.

Here’s the way it works. You invite up to 14 of your girlfriends interested in learning about firearms to the “Girls ‘n Guns” party at your home. Have dinner, snacks, whatever you like (just no alcohol before or during class). In the comfort of your friends, you can take the NRA Home Firearm Safety Class and we’ll throw a few little prizes to keep it fun!

Aside from the fun of being with your friends and learning about guns without a single cigar chomp or plaid shirt in sight, as the host, your tuition if free! The completion of the class will allow you all to apply for your LTC in Massachusetts and, before you leave, I’ll help those who are interested with filling out their applications.

Cost of the “Girls ‘n Guns” night is $90 per student for a minimum of 5. For 6-15 students the cost is $65 per student. The host is always free! The course is typically 4 hours long. For more information check on our NRA Home Firearm Safety Class