NRA Home Firearm Safety

This course is a 4 hour, NON-fire course. That means there will be no live ammunition present during the course and no one will be doing any shooting. This class is the minimum requirement for obtaining your Massachusetts LTC A, LTC B, or FID.

We cover the essential safety rules for using and storing guns, the parts and function of guns, ammunition, safe loading and unloading, cleaning, storing, and transporting guns, and the Massachusetts Laws pertaining to licensing, storage and transportation.

Home Firearm Safety can be taught right in your own home or office! Classes can be taught one on one, to couples, to families, or to groups. Pricing is $200 for up to two people, $90 per person for groups of 3-5, or $65 per person for groups of 6-15. A small surcharge may be added for locations more than 30 minutes from Worcester.

NRA Basic Pistol

This is a 9 hour course featuring a live fire component. Basic Pistol will satisfy the Massachusetts requirements for LTC A, LTC B, and FID and may fulfill requirements for non resident licensing in other states.

The following items will be covered in Basic Pistol:

Pistol Components and Function
Safe Operation of a Pistol
Basic Ammunition Components and Function
Loading, Unloading, Operating of Pistols
Cleaning, Storing, and Transporting of Pistols
Massachusetts Laws pertaining to licensing, storage and transportation
Fundamentals of Shooting a Pistol
Different Shooting Position for Pistols
How to Improve and Maintain Your Shooting Skills

All students will fire a minimum of 50 rounds of live ammunition during the class and will have the opportunity to fire .22, .38, and 9mm pistols

Basic Pistol has both a classroom and range component. The range component will be taught at Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club in Boylston, MA. The classroom component can be taught in your home. Live ammunition will not be present during the classroom portion of the class. Pricing is $250 for an individual or $175 per person for two, or $125 per person for 3-5 people. Because of the range portion, the classroom portion must be taught within a 30 minute drive of Worcester.