Why The Newest NY Gun Control is a Backdoor Ban

Through a variety of sneaky tactics that bypassed opportunities for public review and discussion, the NY legislature today passed a new law that, effective immediately, will ban many types of semi automatic handguns and rifles and standard capacity magazines. The only way lawful current owners of these firearms can maintain legal possession is to register them with the state. There is no allowance for maintaining possession of any magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds of ammunition other than a one year grace period from date of enactment (today) to sell those magazines out of state. This may amount to a nearly all out ban on semi automatic firearms.

Proponents of the law will claim that’s incorrect. They will say that as long as you  have magazines that accept less than 8 rounds you may have your guns. As an enthusiast, I say they’re wrong.

Manufacturers make their firearms to fit the requirements and requests of their broadest audience. This is nothing new. Its capitalism. You produce goods designed for your audience. The reality is that police, security, military and civilians in most (free) states want to carry as many rounds as possible in a gun while still maintaining a functional design. Semi Automatic handguns today routinely are made with magazines with capacities of 15 or more rounds. Even larger caliber handguns, .45s for example, can routinely be expected to hold 10 rounds. Several states such as CA, MA, and (until today) NY have bans on magazines holding more than 10 rounds. In answer, some (but not all) manufacturers have made state specific models that max out at 10 rounds. Won’t they now make 7 round magazines? I doubt it.

No one who owns a firearm desire a smaller capacity as the act of reloading is at best tedious and, at worst, dangerous. Its an undesirable feature which means it will only have consumer value in the state of NY. This means that manufacturers will have to make a decision. Do they create a new, NY specific model that has 7 round magazines or will they walk away?

I believe, based on what I’ve seen in MA, that they will walk away. In MA, several manufacturers such as Glock, Colt, Springfield Armory, Kimber, and several more have decided that the hoops MA requires them to jump through to sell firearms in the state isn’t worth the potential sales. As a MA resident, it means we’re limited to buying from the companies who do bend over backwards such as Smith & Wesson and Ruger. This dramatically limits our choices and puts us as disadvantage as consumers as we pay higher prices than other states with less options.

The result in NY will be that few, if any, firearms manufacturers will adjust to meet NY’s laws and NY citizens will have very, very few firearms to chose from for the perfectly legal purposes of sport, competition, or self defense. Its a back door ban by way of the NY legislature making it so hard for companies to do legal business in the state that they simply chose not to.

I hope that I’m proven wrong on this or, better yet, that these facts lead to and overturning of the law but for the time being, law abiding NY gun owners are the ones paying the price while criminals will happily continue to acquire and use all of the newly banned items.