“She’d Never Let Me Keep a Gun in the House”

One of the most common comments I hear when discussing the possibility of a non-shooter getting licensed and buying their first gun is “My Wife/Husband/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Mom/Dad won’t let me have one in the house.” It’s easily the most common hurdle in the way of someone interested in firearms and, unfortunately, can be a pretty formidable one. With the right information and approach though, it needn’t be.

Some of us were lucky enough to be raised around guns at an early age. Maybe you were an Army brat. Maybe you shot in your Boy Scout troop. Maybe your whole family hunted together. Whatever the reason, some folks understood the facts and realities at a young age and never assigned any other worldly qualities to inanimate objects. For an awful lot of people, this isn’t the case.

For many, guns were never in their house or their lives. So, their only exposure to firearms is TV, movies, and the news. From those sources it’s understandable that their perception of guns is that of sinister, volatile time bombs waiting for a chance to kill! In truth, this is part of what has led me to be a firearms instructor. I want to destroy those myths and dismantle the broken thinking of the uninformed. If you’re facing a spouse or parent that doesn’t want guns in the house, you likely have a lot of deprogramming to do.

Fixing the misinformation is relatively easy. My advice to you is simple. Call me to set up a class. Include your spouse or parents or roommate or whoever else you’re trying to convince. If they are not currently interested in getting their license, they can audit the class you take; for free. They’ll learn everything you to, try everything you try, and ask all the questions they didn’t want to ask you. But they won’t pay.

The rest is up to you. Patience, understanding, and empathy go a long way. In my experience, someone armed with knowledge and facts will eventually come to realize that guns can absolutely be kept safely in the home.

When they do come around, call me back. If it’s within 1 year of your class date, they can pay their fee and get their certificate for the class they took with you and apply for their LTC.